Atlanta’s Next Startup Success – Flock Safety

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Public safety, with a focus on respect and privacy

In this unprecedented year, community safety has never been more top of mind. We are all in this together and only get through this trying time with respect and consideration.

In this backdrop, Flock Safety is poised to be Atlanta’s next start-up success. The company’s security system captures license plate numbers to help minimize crime. A license plate is public record, and being able to drive is a privilege, not a right, hence recording them is much more ‘American’ than facial recognition. 

How effective is Flock? Well, if it can stop Speedy Gonzalez, it can stop anyone… Seriously, Flock Safety helped catch Speedy Gonzalez: 

“A Flock camera at Sugarloaf Parkway and Meadow Church Road had alerted police that a vehicle driven by a wanted suspect had passed by it.”

More broadly, Flock now covers about a million homes and is growing quickly. It is a solution for considerate law and order we can all get behind. I look forward to watching it become Atlanta’s next start-up success story!

As a bonus, the CEO went to Westminster. Go Wildcats!

Flock Safety: License Plate Readers That Stop Crime