Announcing Navigator 2.0

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Hi Product Hunt! I’m Tony, the CEO of Navigator. Around this time last year we released our beta, and followed up with Navigator 1.0 in January.

We’re back now with Navigator 2.0, which has been fully reimagined for the work environment of 2020. Like so many, we’ve spent the last four months taking our meetings from home.

This has helped us deeply understand the challenges of running remote meetings—from keeping them organized to managing Zoom fatigue. We’ve used our learnings to transform Navigator into the most powerful tool for running remote meetings. Navigator 2.0 is the product we wish we had from day one. No more digging around for docs, Zoom links, or showing up unprepared—Navigator is the one place to go for everything your meetings need throughout the day.

Here’s what’s new:

▶ Shared workspaces for topics, files, notes, and action items: Workspaces are tailor-made for meetings. They can be used to build agendas, take notes, capture action items, as well as collect relevant project docs, links, and files in one place.

▶ A desktop app that holds everything: 2.0 comes with native desktop apps for both Windows and macOS. With the desktop app, there’s always one place to go when it’s time for your meeting; agenda and Zoom links are just a click away.

▶ Access to workspaces from your calendar: Navigator integrates with your calendar events, adding a shared link that anyone in the meeting can access.

▶ Powerful automations for busywork: We’ve designed a package of automations to handle rote tasks, like reminding people to prepare, sending summaries, and tracking action items.

▶ Conferencing, and document integrations: Navigator now connects with Slack, Zoom, Meet, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other collaboration platforms. You can export meeting summaries as PDFs to Drive, Box and Dropbox; message meeting attendees with one click via Slack or email; attach files directly from Dropbox, and more.

The design of Navigator 2.0 comes from working closely with our existing customers throughout the last year—and we couldn’t be more thankful for how they’ve lent their feedback and attention. As a result, thousands of teams inside organizations like Intuit, Headspace and Plaid are using Navigator to transform their meetings.

We’re excited to bring Navigator 2.0 to more people and hope you get a chance to take a look. Check it out at—we’d love to hear what you think!

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